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Scrip is a program run with the Great Lakes Scrip Center.  It enables users to purchase gift cards to businesses they already frequent (ex. Meijer, Target, Starbucks, Speedway, etc.)  These cards are purchased at their face value.  However, each retailer offers a percentage back as a rebate which goes back to our school!

Getting started

  • The process is very user friendly and involves minimal time.  Click on "Join a Program", you will need to enter our school’s enrollment code:  A9BC49F25L3

  • You will receive a confirmation when your account is ready – generally within minutes of signing up.

how do I order?

  • The Scrip website has an easy “Shop” button at the top of the page.  This will take you to a listing of all retailers available for purchase.  Each retailer will have set denominations available and a rebate percentage.

  • Easy example?  Old Navy currently pays 14% back.  If you order a $25 gift card your cost will be $25, however, $3.50 of that cost will come back to our school as a rebate!

  • Place your order online by filling in amounts.  Most retailers will offer the option to purchase a gift card, reload an existing gift card, or receive an instant gift card code for immediate use.

  • Don't want to order online? You can still place an order with the school office anytime!

how do I pay?

  • Pay by check: checks payable to Grace Beginnings Preschool. Your order will be placed on the first Monday of the month after receiving payment for your order. A confirmation email will be sent after your order has been submitted by the school. 

  • Pay online:

  1. You can securely link your bank account as a form of payment through the website. There is a $0.15 processing fee added to your order using this payment method.

  2. Pay with a credit card. There is a 2.6% transaction fee per order.

Using one of the online payment methods allows you to not only purchase physical giftcards, but electronic gift cards, and reloadable cards as well. This is very convenient when shopping online with sites such as Amazon! Electronic gift cards are available immediately, so you won't have to wait!

**If a payment is returned or rejected for any reason by,

you will be charged for the face value of your order plus the $30.00 non-sufficient funds fee. 

When do I get my order?

  • Scrip orders for physical gift cards are placed on the first Monday of each month.  For example November orders should be placed on or before November 3rd.  Orders will be delivered to the school later that same week.  If you order an egiftcard your order will be available immediately. All orders must be paid in full before it will be submitted by the school for delivery. If you have any questions regarding when you will receive an order please contact the cordinator. (we cannot reverse online orders once they have been placed).

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